Urine Erase 4 Litre (2x4L)

$ 150.00

SKU: UrineErase4LJug

Product Description

Urine Erase®

Eliminates pet or human urine stains and odours from almost any porous surface.

  • “POOF” to oxygen and water
  • Even on 30 year old set stains and odours
  • Use on carpets, fabrics, mattresses, upholstery, drapes and floors around urinals etc.
  • Vertical treatment that penetrates carpet, underpad and floor joists when poured on in the same way the urine was
  • Proven results since 1978
  • Works everytime
  • Treats up to 24 Square feet
  • Must apply as much Urine Erase® as the original urine deposit
  • 100% Guaranteed when used as directed