Which PVC Strip Doors Are Best For Your Industrial Facility?

PVC strip doors serve multiple purposes in industrial settings. Made from flexible strips of clear PVC, these doors improve visibility in the workplace and allow people, vehicles and equipment such as forklifts to pass through easily. They can also prevent pests and contaminants from spreading into your industrial work environment and act as thermal barriers to maintain the desired indoor temperatures.

PVC strip doors come in many shapes and sizes to meet the different needs and requirements of the industrial market, but this doesn't make the selection process easier for buyers. Here are some important factors to consider when buying PVC doors.

What is the size of the door opening?

An ill-fitting PVC door is not what you want. For this reason, the first thing you should do before picking your door is to measure up the door opening size.

When sizing your PVC strip doors, please keep in mind that they do not require a door frame — these doors hang from a hanging rail and will require a small clearance between the bottom of the strips and the floors of your building.

Who or what will be using the door? 

The widths and thicknesses of strip doors can vary depending on the kind of traffic the doors will receive. Light-duty PVC strips with smaller widths are ideal for pedestrian traffic, while vehicle and equipment traffic will require heavier strips with greater widths to perform better and last longer.

Is temperature control desired?

If you run an industrial facility that requires temperature control, you'll need to think about the thermal conductivity of your PVC doors. Certain grades of PVC material offer better thermal insulation than others. To save energy and cut energy costs, invest in a product with low thermal conductivity.

Is ventilation a concern?

Standard PVC strip doors help with stopping dust, insects and other airborne pollutants from accessing your premises. But if you need to keep the bugs out while letting fresh air in for maximum ventilation, you can benefit from the installation of mesh strip doors.

These doors double as protective door screens that prevent insects from coming in while increasing airflow within your facility.

For PVC strip doors to work well, they should match the intended application. If you are unsure which type of doors you should buy for your particular industrial application, talk to the experts at a company that supplies PVC doors in your area.