Reasons Why Glass Balustrades Are a Must-Have

Glass balustrades have become a trending component of modern décor. They are popular due to their aesthetic appeal, strength, easy installation and affordable pricing. You should choose glass balustrades for the reasons outlined below.

1. Aesthetic appeal and customisation

Glass balustrades add style and elegance to any commercial and residential properties. Glass is clear, which means it won't hide the design of your balcony, staircase or interior décor of your home. This modern décor tool can be combined with railing options that suit your preference. When installed correctly, glass balustrades can create an unforgettable look for your property. The use of glass balustrade enhances the view of your space by allowing light penetration. Note that glass balustrades can be customised to fit your specifications, such as having a curved glass or textured glass. You can also customise them according to the colour you want for a perfect blend with your décor. In addition, installing glass balustrades could increase the value of your property, should you choose to sell it.

2. Safety

When it comes to home additions, safety is an essential factor. Glass balustrades are available in safety or tempered glass that will ensure the protection of your family. Tempered glass means the glass has been processed to achieve a robust feel (similar to steel), decreasing the possibility of damage or breakage as opposed to normal glass. Glass balustrades are resistant to shattering from actions such as bumps. This feature ensures you can add style to your home, especially for homeowners with children. They protect against falls due to their hardened barrier. There are also few gaps between the glass, which means less possibility of you or your kids getting stuck between the gaps. To ensure increased safety, you can have railings fixed to the glass.

3. Maintenance

Glass is a relatively easy material to clean as it only needs a simple washcloth. Glass balustrades have a glossy finish that prevents dust from settling for a long time. This type of glass is also resistant to scratches and can easily bear wear and tear before the signs start to show. If the glass is scratched, it can easily be restored by use of polish. They are also very durable and rust-resistant. Balustrades made of materials such as wood will be more expensive to maintain and clean due to their complex design.

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