3 Ways to Use Formatubes for Outdoor Building Projects

Formatubes are generally used in construction as a way to keep cement structures, specifically columns, undamaged during their setting process. Once the concrete has set and hardened, the formatubes are removed leaving the concrete column in place and undamaged. Though these cardboard tubes are used in larger construction projects and industrial sites, they can be used for outdoor building projects as well. Here are three ways to use them as outdoor building project tools.

1. Patio Columns 

If you are building a patio or gazebo area, then you will likely have some form of columns as part of the design. The formatubes can be placed in the configuration you would like, and the cement poured directly into the tubes. This allows you to create columns that fit your needs, sizes and dimensions that work for your plan. You can also place as many columns you would like if you are going for a functional and decorative option. Keep in mind; the formatube can also be placed in the ground at the depth you want the concrete column to be placed. When the rest of the formatube is removed, the underground portion will biodegrade.

2. Fencing Posts

You may have a fencing idea that would benefit from concrete columns. If this is the case, you may find it difficult and costly to find ready-made concrete fencing posts. If this is the case, you can use formatubes to help develop your fencing post designs and give you the look and functionality you need. You can create these posts to hold a metal stabilising rod down the centre if you need more stability for the final post. These posts can be used for a variety of fencing materials ranging from livestock panels to wood designs.

3. Walkway Columns

If you have a large enough landscape or driveway, you may be considering adding columns for a decorative touch as well as a functional touch. The columns along walkways and driveways can hold tarps or covers during certain times of the year while remaining open during other times of the year when the seasonal weather allows. The formatubes can allow you to place multiple columns in large quantities on either side of the walkway or driveway. These lead to quicker placement and quicker project time.

These are only three ways you can use formatubes to help with outdoor building projects. If you are ready to get started, contact your local formatube manufacturer. They can help you with pricing, sizes and delivery.