3 Reasons to Have an Engineer on Your Project Management Team

When you begin a new project, such as one to expand your manufacturing business, you generally put a project management team in place. One of the members of that management team should be an engineer. If you don't have an engineer on your project management team, here are a few reasons to consider it and how they can help the overall formation of the project.

Integrity Checks

One of the main reasons you may want to have an engineer on your project management team is for integrity checks. These integrity checks cover any building expansions, new building developments, and extensions that may be on the project plan. The engineers will step in and make sure there will be no issues with the durability of the materials being used. They will also check to make sure the design of the new buildings, extensions, or developments will not cause structural issues. These issues can be anything from slight durability problems, to the inability to stand up to certain weather conditions. If issues are found, the engineer can step in and offer options that will fix the problem and avoid further issues during the project process.

Soil Checks

If you will have underground thermal devices or cabling, the engineers can assist you. They can step in and handle the thermal integrity and resistance of the soil. If the soil can withstand the devices or cabling, the engineers can lay out a plan for that cabling that will work with your current building situation. If there are issues with the soil, they can offer options such as using backfill soil to help build the integrity and resistance of the soil.

Landscaping Checks

You may not think of your landscaping plans, concrete layout or walkway designs when you think of your engineers. The truth is, you may have issues with the plan working with the current buildings. For example, a covered walkway may seem like an idea that would work well between buildings for workers and guests. However, the attachment plan for the ends of the walkway may not connect to the buildings properly. This can cause leaking, rusting and other issues. Your engineer can spot this problem early and help develop ways to give you the walkway you want without the issues that may occur.

These are only three reasons to have an engineer on your project management team. Consider having a consultation with your lead engineer to discuss the project and their view of the overall project. You may find they have more to offer to the team than the three topics mentioned here.