A Comparison Between Aluminium and Wooden Pallets

The options of the materials from which shipping pallets can be made have been increasing over time. It can often be hard for an inexperienced person to select which kind of pallet will best suit a given application. This article compares aluminium pallets to wooden pallets. Use this information to select the best material for your needs.

The Cost of Production

Aluminium pallets cost more than wooden pallets do because aluminium pallets are made from a material which must be extracted from the ground or recycled from other products that have reached the end of their service life, such as car parts and household appliances. Timber pallets are more affordable because they are made from a renewable resource that is readily available. You should therefore opt for timber pallets in case you want to keep the costs of your operations low.


Aluminium trounces timber pallets when one considers the average weight of these pallets. The minimal weight of the aluminium pallet allows a manufacturer to incur a lower shipping cost in cases where the cost is related to the weight of the packages being shipped. Wood is heavier and can increase your shipping costs.

Ease of Handling

The weight of wooden pallets dictates that lots of resources have to be devoted to handling them. For instance, it often requires more than one person to move a timber pallet. This isn't the case for aluminium pallets. They are easier to handle due to their lightweight construction.

Stacking Strength

Wooden pallets have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Consequently, they are easier to stack or carry heavier goods. This ease of stacking makes wooden pallets a good tool for those who wish to make maximum use of any storage space available. Aluminium can easily bend when it is subjected to heavy loads. It is therefore best suited to carrying lighter goods, such as pharmaceutical products. Its limited stacking strength also results in some unutilised vertical space during transportation and storage.

Security Risks

Aluminium has a high scrap value. One has to put in place elaborate security systems in order to safeguard the pallets from being stolen for sale as scrap metal. People who opt for wooden pallets don't have such worries since the pallets don't have a high scrap value.

The decision as to which type of pallet you use will ultimately depend on your specific requirements. Discuss those requirements with a pallet specialist so that you can get expert advice about the kind of pallet that will be the most suitable for your application.