Four reasons to choose perspex glassware

Perspex is a strong, lightweight acrylic product that is used in industries ranging from health care, to communication, and architecture. It is used to make everything from baby incubators, to motorcycle wind-shields or picture frames. Within the business and retail sector perspex is most commonly found as the basis for commercial displays and signs.

One use of perspex creation which is not as widely appreciated as it might be is perspex glassware. If you need to invest in some new glassware for your hotel, restaurant, or even home then perspex would be a great choice. Perspex can be used to make the full range of glassware from wine and champagne glasses, through to drinking cups and tumblers. The versatility of perspex has seen perspex glassware adopted by a growing number of venues around the world. Here are some of the reasons that perspex glassware has proved so successful.

Perspex is more resilient

Perspex looks similar to glass. It can be transparent like glass yet is is twice as durable and stands up better to rough handling. Unlike glass it is not easy to shatter or split perspex, and perspex does not discolour when exposed to UV rays.

Perspex is dishwasher safe

One of the problems with some fragile glasses can be cleaning them. Not only do you have to be careful handling them in case they shatter, but the heat of a commercial dishwasher can present problems as well. Perspex glassware solves these issues. The perspex is better able to stand up to regular, everyday use, and perspex can withstand the heat of the dishwasher. Perspex glassware can be used time after time without concern.

Perspex is available in a range of colours and styles

Most glassware is transparent, but it doesn't have to be. With perspex you can have coloured glassware in almost any shade you desire. You can even opt for frosted glasses if you prefer. Perspex opens up a world of glassware possibilities that wouldn't be feasible any other way.

Perspex is cheaper

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use perspex glassware is that it is cheaper than glass. Buying authentic glass is expensive, and when you use it there is always the risk that it will be quickly broken or chipped. By choosing perspex glassware you can purchase a product that is cheaper and that will last longer in regular use.

Make perspex your material of choice next time you need to invest in glassware.