Lovely Ideas on How to Use Recycled Bricks or Timber

After processes such as construction or renovation, you will be left with a lot of fallen bricks and wood. In most cases, people will hire a skip bin and have the so-called 'rubbish' taken far away from their homes. However, have you considered sorting the bricks and timber to find out those that can be recycled? Well if not, then here are some incredible uses for the recycled products you are missing out on.

  1. Recycled Bricks -- After you have knocked down that wall to create the space for an open plan kitchen, you inevitably will be left with some broken or chipped bricks that can be recycled to use in your home. For instance, you can create a lovely path through laying the bricks anywhere around your home. This can be a walkthrough that leads to the door or even the garden. Not only will the bricks provide function but also add some rustic décor to your landscape. Another application of the recycled bricks would be to make a garden bench. This works well when you have a lot of bricks. You could consider designing a bench using the recycled bricks and add some finishing to make it look presentable. This will save you the material costs needed to build a new bench in the future. To climb up the creativity level, you can make a brick waterfall to complement your landscaping. This might be a bit difficult but just imagine all your friends mesmerising at the genius and beauty of your new garden feature. Well with the recycled bricks, you can harness your skills by creating a functional waterfall in the patio. The bricks will enclose the water adding beauty to your garden.
  2. Salvage Timber – Similar to bricks, salvaged timber has a lot of applications for your home. For instance, the recycled timber can be ideal for both windows and doors. This will only require some sanding and finishing to make the salvaged wood new again. You can also think about that impressive archaic bookshelf on the wall. This can be achieved by selecting the required wooden species and turning them to a fabulous bookshelf which will have visitors amazed. The recycled wood can also be used in a broad range of furniture depending on what you need to add style to your house. All you require is creativity and the necessary skills to turn what would have been considered old, into something new.