4 Top Benefits of uPVC Windows for Residential Home Builders

uPVC windows are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also add functionality and style to your home. Homeowners on a budget should go for window frames that are highly durable and available at a reasonable price. With uPVC windows, you don't have to skimp on quality for fear of going over the budget. Besides, there is a range of designs, colors, and texture to choose. Here are the top benefits of uPVC windows that residential home builders should know.  

Fire Safety -- One advantage of uPVC windows is their fire retardancy attributes.  The property implies that these windows prevent combustion. Furthermore, PVC windows can self-extinguish when the source of fire is put out. If the root of fire is from outside, vinyl windows have been shown to prevent significant damage while shielding the interior from the fire. Therefore, if you are constructing a home in a bushfire prone area, you might consider installing uPVC windows. Make sure the windows have conformed to the AS 3959:2009 requirements, which are the Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) standards in Australia.      

Durability and Service Life -- Most uPVC windows are layered with galvanized steel for extra strength. The windows are resistant to corrosion and decay, unlike wooden windows. High-end vinyl windows will not corrode, in its entire lifetime, due to the effects of weather elements including moisture and temperature. Further, vinyl windows are less susceptible to distortions such as warping and disintegration.

Eco-friendly -- Green builders might find uPVC windows acceptable in their homes because they can be recycled.  Old window frames can be repurposed or reused ten times without diminishing the quality of the end product. If the average lifespan of a uPVC window is 30 years, then recycling gives it 300 years of performance. Therefore, besides being sustainable, through reduced negative impacts on the environment, you get better value for money. Furthermore, due to the quality glazing of the windows, most of the outdoor noise is kept at bay, giving occupants peace of mind.  

Insulation -- When your windows are not adequately designed and installed, they can let out a lot of heat. You don't want your window releasing warm indoor air, especially during winter because you will end up spending more on heating. PVC windows are superior when it comes to thermal insulation. The windows are made with heating efficiency in mind, and thus, when installed, they can significantly reduce your utility bills. During summer, you also save on the cooling costs because the PVC windows will retain the fresh indoor air.