Questions to ask your basement drilling company

Basement drilling can be a challenging operation. Sometimes you will be working in a location that offers only limited access but more often it is the rock conditions that present the most difficulties. Finding a company to undertake basement drilling progress can be equally challenging. There are plenty of companies looking for drilling work, but how can you know which company you should choose? Asking the right questions is essential to making the right decision. Here are some of the areas that you must discuss with a drilling company before they start work.

What rate of progress do they expect?

The progress may be slow depend on the rock formation that you need to deal with. Basement drilling could involve anything from Nubian sandstone to granite and the rate of progress (ROP) of the drilling will vary to accommodate the differences. Any company involved in basement drilling may find progress of between 1-9 m/h depending on conditions, it is vital that discuss the time it will take to reach the required depth.

What equipment will be needed?

The basement drilling equipment needed will depend on where the drilling is to take place. Will the company need to set up a specialised rig to cope with the drilling location or will a standard industrial drilling arrangement be sufficient? Find out what the company will be using, and whether they have the right experience to be sure that their proposed equipment will be able to cope with the working conditions.

Condition of the drill bit

Whether the company will be using Autotrak with a tri-cone bit for basement drilling through granite or a HedgeHog bit to drill through heavily compacted sandstone, it all takes a toll on the drill bit, and they must take appropriate care of the bit. Ensure you discuss the type of bits, tri-cone, pdc, etc, that will be best suited to the job. The factors which can impact on the working life of the bit will vary depending the conditions. Not only the type of rock through which it is cutting but the fracture of basement, the lubricant being used, the temperature and the method of hole cleaning all need to be taken into account, and should be discussed with your operator at an early stage.

Check their paperwork

A reliable industrial drilling company will have all their paperwork in order, but if you are hiring them it is still your responsibility to ensure that they have all the relevant licenses for the equipment they will be using and the work that will be completed. Basement drilling can be a dangerous occupation and should only be undertaken by a properly licensed company with the right equipment and experience to successfully complete the job.