The Various Types of Concrete Saws You Should Know About

The construction industry is one which consists of a bevvy of tools and equipment which assist the workers in getting their job done. These range from the jackhammers, the wheelbarrow as well as a simple measuring tape. One of the tools which is not commonly known by many is a concrete saw. Yes, concrete saw. Many are used to the conventional wood saws as they are the most regular types of saws used in woodwork. So what is a concrete saw? From the name itself, a concrete saw is a particular kind of machine which has a blade that is used for cutting through concrete. The tool is an everyday necessity for the construction industry as it is used for removing and cutting concrete in a precise and safe manner. The device is usually applied in buildings as well as remodelling tasks. There are various types of concrete saws available today. Each is suited for its specific purpose as well as the different techniques applied in sawing. The most common examples include the floor saws, wall saws, as well as ring and chainsaws.

  1. Floor Saws -- Floor saws represent the types of concrete saws used in the penetration of flat surfaces. The surfaces include slabs, roads as well as floors made of concrete. The saws are mostly utilised for demolition, pavement and road work as well as the creation of trenches. The floor sawing machines attain productivity through the balance of power, manoeuvrability as well as reliability. They are fitted with blades on the underside which are driven against the concrete intended to be cut.
  2. Wall Saws – Wall saws can also be regarded to as track saws. They come along with blades that are used to create openings on vertical structures such as walls. Some of their functions include the creation of ventilation ducts, doors and windows. For the saws to provide clean and precise work, they are secured to the targeted structure on a mounted track system. The saws come along with a blade guard which is intended to reduce the chances of injury.
  3. Ring and Chain Saws – Each of these concrete saws are designed to be handheld. They are used for projects which are small or medium-sized. One of their key features is their compactness which makes them quite handy when it comes to working in areas with limited access. The ring and chainsaws are used to cut walls, floors, bricks as well as concrete pipes. However, they come in different types depending on the jobs they are required to do.  Chainsaws come along with an oblong blade which has a chain formed with diamonds. Ring saws, on the other hand, come with a rounded blade. They are perfect for places inaccessible by the standard floor saws.